Renewable Solar Energy in Spain

100% Solar power electricity


Our electricity is guaranteed 100% solar power from certified local renewable energy producers in Spain. Your power will be produced by your nearest local photovoltaic power station!

Monitor consumption 24/7


Our energy meter enables you to monitor your energy consumption 24/7 and moderate your usage. According to the Energy Saving Trust most users save 5% to 15% in the first year!

Save up to 20%


With a simple fixed monthly invoice based on your actual power usage, you’ll save 15% to 20% against a traditional supplier, and with no minimum term contract to lock you in!

Appliance service cover


Power cuts and extreme weather can cause problems with domestic appliances in the home. As a customer of Europa Energy, your electrical appliances have full service cover with us!

English customer support


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our professional English customer support, which we’ve provided in Spain for well over a decade. And we’re backed by ISO 9001 Certification!

Honest and transparent


Self monitoring your solar power consumption provides total transparency in billing. And we provide all customers with the same low cost of energy, even when market prices fluctuate!

Check your home energy
anytime, from anywhere!

Become energy smart with an energy monitor from Europa Energy. You can track your energy usage and start saving on your bills!

White Goods service
included with your energy supply

Extreme weather and storms in Spain can play havoc with your domestic kitchen appliances. When you sign up with Europa Energy, we’ll provide breakdown servicing for your white goods!

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White goods service