Appliance Service Cover

White Goods Servicing

White goods are the important domestic appliances in your household. Typically these include your kitchen appliances, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines. We rely on them in our daily life at home, and it can cause us major problems when one of them breaks down or gets hit by one of Spain’s infamous electrical storms! Our White Goods Service Cover provides a comprehensive service for your household appliances for up to 10 years, and is included in the monthly price of your energy supply!

Why Choose Europa Energy?

White goods servicing in Spain
  • We’ll save you time and money!
  • We provide electrical and mechanical breakdown servicing!
  • Our Customer Support is in English!
  • There’s NO LIMIT on the number of appliances on your policy!
  • All household brands are covered!
  • Parts and labour are included!
  • There are no callout charges!

Appliances covered

  • Washing Machines
  • Washer / Dryers in the case of integrated appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Refrigerator / Freezers in the case of integrated appliances
  • Dishwashers

Customers are able to request technical assistance by calling a dedicated phone number. Telephone assistance is available 24/7 in English and Spanish. Once advised, a technician will be sent to the customer’s home within 24 working hours. In the case of any geographical, climatic or other major force that prevents the delivery of this service, the specified level of guaranteed service may not be possible. Similarly, it may not be possible for us to guarantee the attendance of a technician within the indicated timeframe if your specific brand requests their own officially authorised technicians.

The service includes the call out, the labour and the parts necessary for the repair. In cases in which your appliance is irreparable for any reason, or the required work required isn’t economically viable, we will replace your appliance to the following value:

Appliances 2 – 5 years old 300€
Appliances 5 – 7 years old 200€
Appliances 7 – 10 years old 120€


The following are not covered by our service:

  • Appliances more than 10 years old
  • Worn seals, electrical door boards or draught excluders
  • Enamel, painting, plating, chrome, oxidation or other circumstances that do not affect the internal function of the appliance.
  • Corrosion, oxidation or for environmental or climatic circumstances sand and powder, or other related items
  • Should your machine still be covered by its guarantee, repair may not be possible

Breakdowns caused as consequence of abnormal, neglectful or inappropriate use of the device, or as result of a breach of the usage instructions and maintenance from the manufacturer are not covered. The costs associated with damage as a result of incorrect use or faulty installation, inadequate ventilation, inappropriate modifications to the appliance or use of unapproved replacement parts are not covered.

  • Consequential damages to the appliance providing that these have not been provoked by a breakdown of normal function
  • General maintenance or servicing: e.g. gas recharge, periodic review, adjustment and lubrication
  • Breakdown that is only applicable to adapters, external cables, bags and free refills
  • Batteries, lamps and any piece considered consumable by the manufacturer
  • Products with illegible or no serial number or information on the Guarantee Certificate corrected or altered
  • Products that are being used for industrial applications or for commercial purposes
  • Claims for utility losses of the device for lack of spare parts of the manufacturer
  • Any type of breakdown caused by asbestos