Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have tried to get a quote from you, but you keep telling me my cups no is wrong even though it’s the one printed on my current bill
  • Please make sure you have entered your CUPS number without any spacing! If you still have problems please contact one of our representatives at
  • Do I have to take Meter Readings on date of switch?
  • No Europa Energy will take care of all matters relating to the switch. You have to do nothing.
  • Do I have to take the white goods cover or is it optional?
  • Although the service is first class and would pay for itself in one call out, it is entirely optional.
  • What tariff do you have per kWh and standing charges etc?
  • You will be able to see a complete breakdown of your charges when you get your instant quotation.
  • I did the quote thing on your web page and looks interesting. Regarding the energy monitor meter I read about. Is that something you get for free or do you pay a monthly rent for? The web page didnt mention much about it…
  • It is an extra opportunity to save on your electricity according to the Energy Trust in the UK by changing your usage habits. There is an upfront subsidised price and a small rental of 3.95€ per month plus IVA.
  • Do you do a night and day tarif also? I see Endesa do a kind of night day encouragement and I intend to heat my water, 2kW 200l, during night time so I am tending towards them at the moment.
  • If you currently have a dual tariff to benefit from better prices then we simply provide you with a like for like price at a lower tariff.
  • If I have a 3 tier bill can I still join Europa Energy as my CUPS number doesn’t work on your website?
  • Currently we do not have a 3 phase option or commercial tariff ON LINE! We will be launching this in the very near future, however if you send us a copy of your bill we will provide you with a quotation
  • How can you guarantee that the electricity that reaches me will be green if I am still using the same cables to the same grid?
  • Our JV supplier owns in excess of 20,000 solar farms in Spain. We have a Government certificate confirming that we supply the National Grid with more than enough electricity to cover the usage of ALL our clients.
  • I want to upgrade my potensia from 3.3KW to 5.5kW. Do I first increase this with Iberdrola in the local office or do I change to a new supplier first and then change this? Iberdrola wanted €120 to upgrade, is this a standard rate?
  • We can change the power supply to your premises and upgrade as long as this is possible. It is easier for us and the customer to make this change after they have switched to Europa Energy
  • What area do you cover? Do you cover the islands?
  • Currently we cover the whole of the Spanish MAINLAND. We will however be expanding our service to the islands in the very near future
  • What happens if I lose power over the weekend? Is there a 24 hour number in place?
  • Your distributor will remain the same company as you currently use. The distribution sector is highly regulated and we cannot run cables or meters into your property.
  • If you are quoting me for the next 12 months what happens after that? Will the same rates apply?
  • The quotation is fixed for the 12 months, however 15 days before the end of the period we will send you the quote for the next year based on your usage. You can choose whether you accept or not.
  • How long is the contract that I am signing with you and what happens if I want to leave?
  • There is no minimum period of time that you are contracted to Europa Energy. You can cancel the service at any time.
  • Is this available for Endesa customers?
  • Yes it is available to any energy company.
  • Entering the CUPS number didn’t work on your website.
  • Please make sure all the details are correct and that there are no gaps when entering the CUPS number. If you continue to experience problems please contact us at
  • If we were to install solar power of 9.9kwh would you take our surplus electricity, and at what price?
  • We take our supply from our partner who owns 20,000 solar farms in Spain. We do not require any additional energy supply on a small scale.
  • One thing took my attention and that is your rates p1 and p2. Is this “day and night” rates? But how does that work with your fixed rates per month for one year? In this situation it doesn’t matter in my opinion how much day or night I use????
  • We have quoted against your current usage and trending. We will send consumption reports to you on a regular basis and then compare that against your budget should there be any change of habit.
  • There is no CUPS no. on my current suppliers invoices so I can’t get a quote from your system.
  • Unfortunately we need your CUPS number to ascertain your usage over the past 12 months. Without this we are unable to send you an instant quotation.
  • Until you know our consumption, how can you tell what to charge monthly?
  • We are basing the charge on your ACTUAL usage over the previous 12 months. Should there be a noticeable change in consumption after receiving the reports we can adjust the payment to suit the customer.
  • Do I need to have solar panels installed, if so what is the cost of the install?
  • There is no need for you to invest in solar panels as our partners own 20,000 large solar farms in Spain
  • I have received a monthly figure quote is that all that has to be paid?? What about the rental of the meter and other charges levied at this time by my existing supplier tax etc. Are these still payable to them???
  • Although you will retain the services of your current distributor there will be no separate payments made to them as we take care of all these matters.
  • I live in an apartment block; if I change my electricity over to Europa does this mean everyone in my block needs to change too?
  • No, as there will be a choice of supply to each individual apartment.
  • What would happen if the supply was cut off? We already know that if the telephone supply goes down, that Telefonica are never as helpful as they are to their own direct customers.
  • Your distributor remains the same and part of your payment to Europa Energy is passed onto them to provide that service. The Government require them to provide the service in a highly regulated market.
  • Before I sign I have a query regarding the “General Contract Terms” It says there are extra costs possible for the Guarantee deposit, Main connection charges, Verification charges, Service connection charges, Meter maintenance costs.
  • These only apply to your distributor. It is highly unlikely to have additional charges if you already have a service.
  • Before I sign the contract , I notice that on the contract it states 10kW We would want about 6 kW , is this contract binding with the stated kW as shown on the contract
  • It is the supply that we would commence the service with, however you can always request to change your supply after you have joined Europa Energy.
  • How can you guarantee I will have electricity if it is raining or we have weeks of bad weather?
  • We supply enough 100% solar renewable electricity into the National Grid in order to supply ALL our customers’ collective usage.

Benefits of Monitoring your Usage

How does the Europa Energy Engage home energy monitor help me reduce my electricity bills?

Your energy monitor should show you how much energy you’re using and how much it costs. Our energy monitor will let you walk round your house switching items on and off, and you will see how much energy each electrical device or appliance uses. It can also show you how much your energy is costing you, and how much you’re saving once you start using your energy more efficiently. Our model allows you to set your own personal electricity budgets and have alarms to let you know when you’ve reached a certain level of use.

How much money would an energy monitor save me?

The energy monitor itself can’t actually save you money; it’s the way you use it that counts.

It can help you to understand how much energy you’re using, which appliances are costing you most, and how much you could save by switching things off or using them less.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, using an energy monitor could reduce your energy use by 5% – 15% in just a year.

How should I start using my home energy monitor?

Once you’ve viewed the easy to install film on the web page and successfully installed your home Europa Energy Engage monitor (LINK), it’s fun to try it out at once. Go round your home and switch off everything you can – though probably not the fridge and freezer and observe the difference.

You’ll see the monitor reading increase when you switch on a new appliance. Our monitor will transmit this information in a couple of seconds, ours take 12 seconds, therefore make sure you wait long enough.

It’s a great way to find out which appliances or rooms are costing you most, and some of your discoveries could be quite a shock. For example the dreaded aircon!!!

Write down what you’re finding out, so you can use the information to help you make cost-cutting decisions.

Most importantly, when you’ve done this, don’t forget to check your energy monitor on a regular basis. You need to get into the habit of checking it regularly on line, to make sure you don’t slip back into expensive habits. Get the whole family into the habit of checking their electricity use and switching off to save energy.