Energy Monitoring

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  • Real-time home energy monitoring
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  • Become energy smart & reduce your bills
  • Help to save the environment
Energy monitoring

Cheaper electricity bills now!

Have you ever walked around your home and considered which of your electrical appliances uses the most energy? Over the course of a month, which costs you the most, and which is the most economical? If you switched your TV off at the socket, would that save you more money on your bill than if you left it on standby? If you want to cut the costs of your electric bills and make savings on your energy suppy, these are important questions to answer. The easiest way to do so is with a home energy monitor from Europa Energy!

What is an energy monitor?

An energy monitor is a device that enables you to accurately monitor your energy usage in real time. An energy monitor has 3 parts:

  1. A sensor which clips onto your electricity meter’s power cable
    The sensor monitors the magnetic field around the power cable and produces a measure of the energy you’re using.
  2. A wireless transmitter
    The wireless transmitter connects your electricity meter to the energy monitoring app via an Internet connection.
  3. An energy monitoring app that runs on your PC, laptop, tablet and/or phone
    The app shows and compares your energy usage in real time, and allows you to set your budget and energy limits.

Installing your Europa Energy monitor is easy!